New Video “Caught Watching Porn” Featuring Nickey Huntsman

Nickey Huntsman is being featured in a new video over at Girls Way together with Georgia Jones. It’s called “Caught Watching Porn” and was published earlier today.

Georgia Jones is on her bed watching porn. When Nickey Huntsman comes homes and calls out to Georgia she doesn’t get an answer. Suddenly, she hears a sound coming from the bedroom and suspects the worst. Georgia is watching porn again and Nickey is furious. They discussed this before: watching porn is cheating. It’s time Nickey confronts Georgia about this once and for all.

She enters the bedroom and slams the door, practically giving Georgia a heart attack in the process. She yells at her asking her what the hell she’s doing. Georgia’s still anxious and asks her to sit down so they can talk. When Nickey tells her that her watching porn makes her feel insecure, Georgia kisses her and reassures her that she loves her and is certainly not cheating on her. She turns the clip back on and asks if she thinks it’s beautiful. Nickey says yes but wants Georgia all to herself. She says that maybe they could share this experience by watching it together. Georgia undresses Nickey and pulls her close.

They watch the clip together, admiring how beautiful the girls are. Georgia starts playing with Nickey’s pussy as they talk dirty to each other. She makes her cum and again. Nickey’s having more fun than she expected. Perhaps the girls will do this again. Georgia motions for Nickey to lie down as she starts to devour her moist pussy. They trib, cumming all over each other’s pussies. The girls can’t get enough as they face-fuck each other. Looks like porn just made another fan!

Previews of photos related to “Caught Watching Porn” with Nickey Huntsman:

Nickey Huntsman: Caught Watching Porn - 1

Nickey Huntsman: Caught Watching Porn - 2

Nickey Huntsman: Caught Watching Porn - 3

Nickey Huntsman: Caught Watching Porn - 4

Nickey Huntsman: Caught Watching Porn - 5

Unfortunately the full update is for Girls Way members only. A trailer is available here.

This blog is all about Nickey Huntsman, to see more of the other pornstar go here Georgia Jones

Nickey Huntsman and Osa Lovely Threesome in Strip Club!

by Brazzers

When Nickey Huntsman surprises her husband Jessy with a trip to the strip club for his birthday, she has no idea that he’s already a regular. When he winds up in a VIP room with his favorite dancer, Osa, Jessy is terrified that his loving wife will finally find out about his secret sojourns to the strip club. However, his worries melt away when Osa starts sneakily riding him as Nickey Huntsman goes to grab drinks. When Nickey Huntsman returns and notices Jessy acting a little funny, she leans into his lapdance for a closer look – has he been fucking Osa in front of her this whole time?! Nickey Huntsman seeks revenge by offering Osa a huge wad of cash to fuck her in front of her husband. Jessy is shocked and thrilled, until Nickey tells him he isn’t allowed in on the action! Will he be able to convince the ladies to give him a second chance?

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